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New contract for Descartes

AMCO, a globally leading logistics and warehouse service provider, is expanding its customs warehousing operation and improving customer service with the deployment of the Descartes e-Customs solution.

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Praise for London City Bond

London City Bond sits quietly behind the scenes of the drinks industry, but during Covid-19 it’s been the sector’s emergency service that everyone has relied on to carry on doing business.

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Support from Great Bear

Great Bear Distribution Ltd part of Culina and Muller Group, can as a Third Party solution provider in FMCG Food & Drink/Alcohol Bonded Warehouse and Grocery sectors can currently support Warehousing and National Transport solutions for those experiencing difficulties with immediate storage requirements, be this for raw materials, finished goods, packaging, container destuffing/stuffing imports/exports with slip sheets or palletisation.

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LCB- Awarded 2 perfect ISOS

give recognition to the great efforts that staff at all levels put in to ensure that the service we offer is second to none. This is of course an ongoing project and we very much welcome this important step towards achieving our goal.

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