History of The BWA

The first meeting of the Glasgow Bonded Storekeepers Association was held on 12th May 1885 at the Steels Hotel, 5 Queen Street, Glasgow. 10 Glasgow based companies were represented and from the original group only Whyte & Mackay remain in business today.

Membership was restricted to companies who held a Revenue & Custom Bond, and the object of the Association was “to generally, and always in so far as consistent with the Law, to promote interests of members”. The membership fee at that time was 1 guinea or £1/1 shilling.

The first official minutes shown here were recorded on the 12th May 1885.

These are now safely archived along with the minutes and other documents pertaining to meetings held by the officers of the Association throughout its entire history.

List of Chairmen 1885 to Current

Name Year Company
Mr N.P. Lowrie 1885 Lowrie & Co
Mr McGuffie 1886 Sillars & Co
Mr J. Fleming 1887 J.Fleming & Sons
Mr J. Barr 1888-1889 Unknown
Mr R. Lang 1890-1892 Unknown
Mr C. Mackay 1897-1906 Whyte & Mackay
Mr Yombazis 1906-1914 J.B.Sherriff & Co Ltd
Mr C. Mackay 1914-1917 Whyte & Mackay
Mr McKinlay 1917-1930 A.McGavin & Co Ltd
Mr H.C. Connery 1930-1938 Unknown
Mr J.W. Mathieson 1939-1942 Clyde Bonding Co Ltd
Mr McSwan 1942-1946 Central Bonding Co Ltd
Mr J. Menzies 1946-1951 Glasgow Bonding Co Ltd
Mr J. Henderson 1951-1952 Clyde Bonding Co Ltd
Mr H.C. Kelly 1952-1955 British Railways Bonded Warehouse
Mr Malloch 1955-1959 Argyll Bonding Co Ltd
Mr R.D.G. Johnston 1959-1962 Arbuckle Smith & Co Ltd
Mr T. Houston 1962-1965 Clyde Bonding Co Ltd
Mr McClement 1965-1965 Chivas Brothers
Mr Wolfe 1965-1967 Glen Nevis & Ardlussa Warehouses
Mr Aitken 1967-1969 Arbuckle Smith & Co Ltd
Mr J. Davidson 1969-1971 William Whiteley Bonding Co
Mr Garroway 1971-1973 British Transport Commission
Mr Fergus 1973-1974 Arbuckle Smith & Co Ltd
Mr T.M.H. Miller 1974-1975 Castlegreen Warehousing Co Ltd
Mr Bremner 1975-1977 Strathleven Bonded Warehouse
Mr Mullen 1977-1979 Grangemouth Bonding Co Ltd
Mr T.W. Neighbour 1979-1980 Carfin Bonded Warehouse Ltd
Mr A.S. McIntosh 1980-1982 William Muir (Bond 9) Ltd
Mr C. Mullen 1982-1983 Grangemouth Bonding Co Ltd
Mr T.M.H. Miller 1983-1985 Strathleven Bonded Warehouse Ltd
Mr A.T. Bond 1985-1987 Newcastle Warehousing Co Ltd
Mr R.B. Boyle 1987-1989 Inverhouse Distillers Ltd
Mr A. Dunlop 1989-1991 Newton Bonded Services Ltd
Mr D.R. Hall 1991-1993 J&B Scotland Ltd
Mr C.F. Gibson 1993-1995 Clyde Bonding Co Ltd
Mr A.A. Kirkby 1995-1997 J&B Scotland Ltd
Mr M. Pepper 1997-1999 TDG Ltd
Mr L. Obrien 1999-2001 William Martin & Sons Ltd
Mr B. Graham 2001-2003 Glenmorangie plc
Mr A.A. Kirkby 2003-2005 Independent
Mr W. Dickie 2005-2007 Houston Co-Packing Ltd
Mr A.McLean 2007-2009 William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd
Mrs E.MacDonald 2009-2011 Edrington
Mr G.Hough 2011-2013 RK Vecta Ltd
Mrs C. Thomson 2013 - 2015 Whyte & Mackay
Mr G Hough 2015 - 2018 CEVA Logistics
Mr C Brady 2018 - Wincanton PLC


Mr Hume 1885-1906
MacKay & Boyd Solicitors 1906-1914
Carswell, Kerr, MacKay & Boyd
Ronald Kerr 1962-1993
Ian Gray 1993-2004
John Tripp 2004-2018
Daryl Chesney 2018-2019
Graham Sheen 2019 – current