History of The BWA

The first meeting of the Glasgow Bonded Storekeepers Association was held on 12th May 1885 at the Steels Hotel, 5 Queen Street, Glasgow. 10 Glasgow based companies were represented and from the original group only Whyte & Mackay remain in business today.

Membership was restricted to companies who held a Revenue & Custom Bond, and the object of the Association was “to generally, and always in so far as consistent with the Law, to promote interests of members”. The membership fee at that time was 1 guinea or £1/1 shilling.

The first official minutes shown here were recorded on the 12th May 1885.

These are now safely archived along with the minutes and other documents pertaining to meetings held by the officers of the Association throughout its entire history.

List of Chairmen 1885 to Current


Mr Hume 1885-1906
MacKay & Boyd Solicitors 1906-1914
Carswell, Kerr, MacKay & Boyd
Ronald Kerr 1962-1993
Ian Gray 1993-2004
John Tripp 2004-2018
Daryl Chesney 2018-2019
Graham Sheen 2019 – current