The Future for The BWA

The current focus points and objectives for the Association are:

1. Continue to develop and promote our in-house bespoke Awareness Training programme which is designed to offer value to existing members and those who aspire to become members of the Association. Additionally offer Health Checks to members whenever appropriate in a collaborative and pro-active way.

2. Provide support and guidance for members, wishing to apply for HMRC authorisations and approvals, across all customs special procedures and excise authorisations.

3. A key objective is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of traders, and their employees, that operate within the Customs & Excise arena.

4. Maintain a high level and strategic role with HMRC and to continue to lobby and bring HMRC to account, on behalf of our members, on new and existing guidance and legislation.

5. Continue to enhance the reputation of the Association and attract new members.

6. Maximise the potential of the website so that members and those interested in membership clearly understand the benefits on offer and to facilitate a contemporary communication vehicle for all information affecting the membership and associated bodies.

7. Continually review and seek out ways to provide value added services and benefits to the membership