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Q1. How can I find out if HMRC’s systems are running normally?

Answer: Go to Links and select HMRC (Check system availability)


Q2. Does the BWA provide training?

Answer: We can provide Awareness Training at a basic operational level and management level. This can be provided on a 1 to 1 basis or classroom for larger groups. Please note that the information provided is not contractual or legally binding and the use and interpretation is at the members discretion. For more information please contact [email protected]


Q3. How can I find out the locations of approved Bonded Warehouse Operators?

Answer: A full list of all approved warehouses is not available as this information is not released by HMRC. However to view the list of BWA members select MEMBERSHIP from the home page then BWA Members. You will be able to sort by region and type to find approved members. Alternatively please contact [email protected]


Q4. Where can I find out more about running a bonded warehouse?

Answer: Please refer to Public Notice 196/197 which can be obtained from HMRC (see links). Alternatively contact [email protected]


Q5. How can I find out more about joining the BWA?

Answer: Membership of the BWA is based on a single annual rate which runs from 01June to 31st May. Further information can be found by selecting Membership from the home page or by contacting [email protected]


Q6. How do I apply for a Bonded Warehouse?

Answer: Refer to Members Only area for step by step information, alternatively you can refer to Public Notice 196 or contact [email protected]