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The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association

The BWA is a membership based association established in 1885 which provides a professional service to its members and related organisations specifically involved in bonded warehousing.

Member Benefits


  • Membership of the BWA is UK wide.
  • All sectors of the beverage industry.
  • Close links established with HMRC and other Associations.
  • Strategic and partnership engagement approach
    Influences future policy.



  • Diverse membership with huge amount of knowledge and experience.
  • Seminars.
  • Builds relationships and interaction between fellow professionals
  • Exchange of best practice information between members.
  • Social events


BWA Members


What's Happening at The BWA?

EU-SINGAPORE Free Trade Agreement

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, acronym EUSFTA, is a signed and ratified free trade and bilateral investment treaty between the European Union and Singapore. EUSFTA has been negotiated since March 2010 and its text has been publicly accessible since June 2015. The negotiations on goods and services were completed in 2012, on investment protection on 17 October 2014.

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