New HMRC Taskforce to Target Scottish Alcohol Industry

HMRC announced in November 2012 that it has established a new "intelligence led" taskforce to specifically target the alcohol industry in Scotland and will focus on alcohol manufacturers and retailers.

The alcohol trade is big business and HMRC have established the taskforce as a result of it identifying a specific risk of under-declaration of tax in Scotland within this sector.

The taskforce brings together various HMRC compliance and enforcement teams for "intensive bursts of activity". Intensive investigations will be undertaken by the taskforce, involving site visits and the examination of business records, to proactively target companies it believes to be breaking the rules.

This is the 30th taskforce launched by HMRC. HMRC has previously looked at the affairs of a range of professions, from plumbers, doctors and dentists to home tutors, scrap metal dealers and those that hold money offshore. The taskforces are a result of the Government's £917m spending review investment to tackle tax evasion, avoidance and fraud, which aims to raise an additional £7bn each year by 2014-15.

David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary, stated that whilst "the vast majority of people play by the rules, tax evasion will not be tolerated and HMRC will be actively pursuing those who choose to go against regulations".

If you are concerned about the impact the new taskforce may have on your business or require assistance if HMRC investigate your business, please contact Michelle Sloane on:

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