New contract for Descartes

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AMCO, a globally leading logistics and warehouse service provider, is expanding its customs warehousing operation and improving customer service with the deployment of the Descartes e-Customs solution.

Following Brexit, the demand for customs warehousing is growing and operating a bonded warehouse means that companies are in a prime position to support trade with the EU and avoid double customs duties. AMCO have recently chosen to deploy Descartes’ e-Customs and duty management solutions meaning they will be able to manage vast amounts of stock, improve capabilities to process customs declarations on-site and enhance their customer service offerings.

With the support of the Descartes team, AMCO are integrating the e-Customs system into their existing warehouse management system.

AMCO selected Descartes’ e-Customs solution to support its global logistics operations, and benefit further from the system’s readiness for Customs Declaration Service (CDS) required for trade with Northern Ireland already built in.

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Graham Sheen

Graham Sheen

Graham Sheen is the BWA Secretary, appointed in 2019. Graham has a strong background in logistics and warehousing, and is very well connected within the warehousing and supply chain sectors.

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