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Birds annually cause severe damage to rooftops and transmit over 60 different diseases. Bird Control Group has created a laser technology that helps facility managers around the world to keep pest birds away from their buildings in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Our system: the AVIX Autonomic is a fully automated bird repellent system that effectively and harmlessly scares birds away 24/7.

AVIX Autonomic is an automated laser bird repellent, which can reduce bird presence by up to 100% without harming the birds or the environment. By instinct, birds perceive the projected laser beam as a predator and flee to seek safety. Unlike traditional bird deterrent methods, birds do not get used to the laser, and mark the area as unsafe and do not return. 

How it works

From recognizing your bird problem to solving it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Free assessment – We start with assessing your bird problem and preparing your tailor-made proposal.
  2. Installation – Our certified installer comes to your location to install and set up our laser bird deterrent system.
  3. Operation – The system starts projecting a laser beam towards birds that perceive it as a physical danger and fly away.
  4. Positive results – Birds don’t get accustomed to the device. Our customers have at least a 70% reduction in birds.

For a free assessment of your bird problem, please click the link below.

Solve my bird problem

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 01903 538 488.

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