C4T celebrates 17 years of simplifying customs management

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C4T puts the cost-saving practice of customs warehousing in reach with its Special Procedures module.

C4T was founded 17 years ago with a vision to simplify the complex world of customs with technology. We took the advent of our recent birthday to reflect upon the origin of customs and how it relates to this vision. The UK’s Adam Smith, known as the father of modern economics, was instrumental in defining a balance between taxation and encouraging commerce—a belief that gave birth to concepts like customs bonded warehousing. Although the concept indeed achieves the goal of bolstering cross-border trade, the implementation of this customs regime is not so easy.

“We’ve built all the logic needed for economic operators to secure authorisations and avail themselves of the economic benefits of customs bonded warehousing into our SaaS solution, CAS. The CAS Special Procedures module tracks and documents details such as stock movements, adjustments, and losses per authorisation and storage location, satisfying the administrative requirements of customs authorities. This brings bonded warehousing into reach for many companies that otherwise struggle to implement it.”

C4T is happy to join the BWA in their aim to represent and promote the business interests of companies across the supply chain.

For more information on CAS, visit www.customs4trade.com

Graham Sheen

Graham Sheen

Graham Sheen is the BWA Secretary, appointed in 2019. Graham has a strong background in logistics and warehousing, and is very well connected within the warehousing and supply chain sectors.

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