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Chris Hayman
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Hayman Ltd

70 Eastways Park, Wiltham, CM8 3YE

Hayman is a family company with history dating back to 1863. The original family company was bought by James Burrough, who is the great grandfather of Chairman Christopher Hayman. James Burrough Limited consisted of a Fine Alcohols Division and a Drinks Division with a portfolio of Gin and Vodkas � most notably Beefeater Gin.
Following the sale of James Burrough Limited to Whitbread in 1987, Christopher purchased the Fine Alcohols Division based in East Anglia back from Whitbread which is now known as Hayman Speciality Products. Christopher also purchased 3 bottling lines from James Burrough which allowed him to continue the tradition of distilling, blending and bottling of Gin and other spirits. He is also a major shareholder of Thames Distillers in South London.
These details were last updated on Thursday 24th January 2013

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